As lord protector of Silver Heron Ridge, you’ll make use of many of the amenities the city offers and help plot out future upgrades to city infrastructure to keep you and your armies in battle ready condition.

City Hall

The center of activity in Silver Heron Ridge, City Hall is the main building in town. Through the City Hall, you can construct the Seaport, Blacksmith, and Alchemy Lab, as well as upgrade them. City Hall also allows you to collect your daily income of silver and crystals, and for a small fee of gold, you can levy taxes for a little extra income each day.

Upgrading buildings costs crystals, and the level of City Hall limits the level that other buildings may be upgraded to. To upgrade a building, simply click on City Hall, then click on the upgrade button next to the building you would like to upgrade.

As you upgrade City Hall to higher levels, your daily income will increase, as will the maximum level of other buildings in the city.

Guild Hall

The Guild Hall becomes available at level 10. Players who are not currently in a guild may join or create a guild here. The fee to create a guild is 5,000 silver. The creator of a guild will become its guild leader.

Joining a Guild

You can apply to join an existing guild in the Guild Hall. You may send applications to as many guilds as you wish, but may only be a member of one guild at a time. Once a guild has accepted your application, you will become a member.

Donating a Guild

After you have joined a guild, you may donate to the guild by selecting the donate button at Guild Hall. Doing so will complete a daily quest and increase your guild’s wealth and experience as well as your personal contribution to the guild.

Your guild’s leadership can spend the guild’s wealth to provide bonuses to its members such as decreased construction costs in the city and increased bonuses for completing activities with other guild members. So make sure to donate to your guild every day.

Guild Events

Each day there are several guild events that will happen throughout the day. Participating in Guild events will help to increase your guild’s experience, your contribution level to the guild, and guild ranking on the server.


Home to player competitions across the land, players can participate in player vs. player combat at the arena for a variety of rewards including arena tokens to spend in the arena shop, silver, experience, and reputation.

You can participate in practice fights to test out your skills, or ranked combat to prove your deck building prowess against the other players on your server. Battles can be fought solo, or in teams of two and four players.

Once you have joined a room, make sure to hit the ready button. Once everyone has shown they are ready to initiate combat, the room owner can press the Go button to begin searching for a challenge worthy of your team.

Ranking Board

If you’re interested in checking up on the latest PvP Rankings, the Ranking Board will be updated every night at midnight and the top players in each queue will be displayed.

A season lasts for one week and the prior week’s top player in each queue will be displayed here for all to see, as well as the possible rewards for competing in the next season!

Challenge Hall

If you’re looking to team up with other players to take on a single powerful AI controlled opponent, Challenge Hall is the place to go! There are six battles players can choose to partake in, and each battle features powerful enemies from a different faction and an emphasis on different tactics. These challenges can be completed in one of three different difficulties, with increasing challenge and rewards.

At the end of a boss fight, players will receive experience, silver, and reputation.

They will also be given the opportunity to flip over a certain number of cards, receiving the rewards revealed on the card.

Acension Tower

Available for the most daring of heroes at level 25, Ascension Tower is 50 levels of ever increasing solo challenges. Each player may challenge the tower once per day for free, and may use tower tickets for additional chances to take on the tower.

Starting on the first level, you must fight your way through each level of the tower. Once you have defeated a level, you may proceed to the next until you are defeated. Each level of the tower will yield increasingly powerful rewards, including special tower tokens which can be used to purchase a variety of cards from the tower shop.

If you’re done playing, make sure to send your forces away on an expedition. You can call them back at any time, and the rewards gained can help you advance swiftly! Pro-Tip

One of the most important buildings in Silver Heron Ridge, you can use the Seaport to send your troops out on expeditions while you are offline and gain the rewards of their hard work when you return. Each expedition offers rewards at different levels. Some will allow you to earn greater levels of experience or crystals than others.

Upgrading the Seaport will increase the rewards gained while you are away, which means it should probably be the first building you upgrade.

Alchemy Lab

In the Alchemy Lab, players can combine, extract, and fuse cards to create increasingly stronger cards.

Increasing the level of the Alchemy Lab increases the chance of successfully combining cards and allows for higher tier cards to be gained through use of the combine tool. It will also unlock additional fuse slots.

Combining Cards

Using the combining tool in the Alchemy Lab, you can combine cards of the same name and rank to create cards of a higher rank. Combining cards requires at least two cards of identical name and rank. You can use additional cards of the same name and rank to increase the chance of a successful combination, at the cost of additional silver. You may also spend gold to increase the chance of a successful combination. Should the combination fail, you’ll receive materials which can be used to create cards with the Fuse Tool.

Extracting Cards

If you have an unwanted card, you can extract it in the Alchemy Lab using the extraction tool. Extracting a card will break the card down into materials which can be used to create new cards using the Fuse Tool. Once a card is extracted, it will be destroyed and you will no longer be able to use it in your deck.

The materials you are most likely to receive from extracting a card are displayed in the extraction tool when you place the card into the extraction slot.

Fusing Cards

You can use the fuse tool to fuse the materials you have collected by extracting cards, or through failed combination attempts, into new cards. Each fuse slot will have a recipe displayed in it when you visit the fuse tool. You may refresh the recipes in your fuse slots every two hours. If you don’t want to wait that long, you can pay a small fee of gold to refresh them whenever you wish. The number of recipes that will be cycled through goes up with the level of your Alchemy Lab, as does the number of fuse slots available.


You can visit the Blacksmith to enchant your character’s equipment or combine it into increasingly powerful equipment. Increasing the level of the Blacksmith will increase the base success rate for enchanting and combining your gear.

Combining Equipment

You can use the combining tool at the Blacksmith to forge increasingly powerful equipment. To do so you must select at least two pieces of equipment, of the same name and rank. You can use up to four pieces of identically named and ranked equipment to increase the chance of a successful combination, and you can use gold to increase the success chance as well. If the combination fails, all materials will be consumed, but the statistics of the equipment will not change.

Enchanting Equipment

At the Blacksmith, you can use the enchanting tool to increase the power of your character’s equipment.To do so, select the enchanting tool at the Blacksmith, then select the gems you would like to use in the enchantment. You may use up to three gems in a single attempt, and every gem you use will help to increase the chance of a successful enchantment. Be careful, however, if an enchantment fails, it’s possible that it will remove a previously existing level of enchantment. You can prevent this from happening by spending a small amount of gold.

Auction House

At the Auction House, players can buy and sell cards with other players. You will gain access to the Auction House once you hit level 25 or become a VIP.

To bid on a card, select the card you would like to bid for, enter the amount of your bid on the bottom right, then click the bid button. Alternatively, you can simply click the buy it now button. Should you win a card in an auction, it will be sent to you in a mail message. Simply open the message and accept the attached card to add it to your collection.

To place your own card up for auction, select the type and quantity of card that you would like to sell, then enter a starting price and a buy it now amount. The Auction House does have a maximum price for cards, so you will not be able to sell your cards for more or less than a certain amount. Once you have set the price, choose how long you would like your auction to last, and click the start auction button. Once your auction has concluded, you’ll be sent a number of rubies which can be used in-game to purchase many of the same items that you can purchase with gold.

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