You can get powerful rewards in Rise of Mythos just for playing! Below are just a few examples of some ways we’ll be using to say “Thank you” for playing Rise of Mythos!

Online Rewards

You can be rewarded just for being online in Rise of Mythos! You’ll be prompted to claim these rewards every few minutes you’re online, up to a point. Rewards can be silver, gems, or new cards to add to your collection!

Activity Rewards

Completing tasks in Rise of Mythos, like saying “Hello” in the public channel, defeating bosses in Challenge Hall, participating in PvP, or completing your daily and guild quests will increase your activity in Rise of Mythos. As you increase your activity each day and week, you’ll gain access to more and more powerful rewards.

First Purchase Rewards

If you decide you like Rise of Mythos enough to purchase gold by transferring some Tokens, we’ll say “Thank you” with a collection of some great items to help you on your way, including a very special card you can use in your deck!

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